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We(Web Cloud Technology) as a comprehensive PPC advertising company provide all the services in various packages. Get Your promotion on Google Today, Attract more clients, Reach the perfect individuals brilliantly, Advertise locally or all around the world, First Page Google Listing Within 24 Hours.


Google Ads Service

Service Details

Google Ads Service

  • Google AdsCampaign Creation
  • Ads content and Googl eAds Form Creation
  • Google Form 1Graphics Creation (Ration1:91) (for lead generation campaign)
  • Dynamic Ads Creation (Multiple Ads Group with Multiple Ads sets)
  • Target Audience Research
  • Keywords Research
  • Google Analytic Setup
  • Google tag manager setup
  • Google search console setup
  • Robots.txt creation
  • Sitemap.xml creation
  • CONVERSION EVENT set up for Retargeting


Google Ads Service

  1. 1.Google Ads Manager account should not bear any strike from Google. If it is, then we will try to remove them and handle them according to our strategies and planning, and you must corporate with us to get the best results. This might be causing an extra service charge.

  2. 2. If Client want, we will manage your Facebook Ad Account but not pay or delay in payment of our service fee, then we will not be responsible for the same, and your work would be stopped until the next payment.

  3. 3. Client have to maintain your funds in Your Ad Account for smoothly run your ads. We are not responsible if your ads will be stopped due to low account funds; however, we would like to inform it on a priority basis.

  4. 4. If we already inform about low Ad fund on Google Ads account but you not take care of this, then we will be stop.

  5. 5. Multilevel Marketing and other services and products that are not legal according to Govt. of India or against the Google Ads Policies will be treated as cancellation of ad services. So it is must be kept in mind.

  6. 6. Any valid change for basic information or related ads should inform at least 1 day before making it.

  7. 7. We are only managing that campaigns which are set up by us. We are not bounded to manage that campaign which are settled or new settled by you.

  8. 8. Any major technical issue caused by Google side, like accounts hacked or Google Server down, or anything else, raises a delay in your work should be considered an unexpected fault, not our mistakes.

  9. 9. If you have a functional website for your business, it should have Privacy and Policies according to your product and services.

  10. 10. We only run campaigns according to your chosen package. Additional campaign cause extra burden of charges on you.

  11. 11. Client must be informed us in 24 hours advance for any changes related to the Ads, Ads Graphics and Ads Set.

  12. 12. Refund:-If Client’s project not started with in 7 working days ,in that case Client has right to ask for the Service Amount Refund and Company will made therefund with in 1 month. But after the Project start there will be No Refund.

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Google Ads service companies can increase ROI: By optimizing your Google Ads campaigns, you can increase your website traffic, generate leads, and boost sales. This can lead to increased profits.

Choose the right keywords: Google Ads service companies can help you choose the right keywords for your campaigns. This will ensure that your ads are seen by people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.Create effective ad copy: Google Ads service companies can help you create effective ad copy. This will make your ads more likely to be clicked on and to convert into leads or sales.Track your results: Google Ads service companies can track the results of your campaigns so that you can see what is working and what is not. This will help you to make adjustments to your campaigns as needed.

  • 1
    Highly Targeted Audience.
  • 2
    Reach More People.
  • 3
    Build Brand Recognition.
  • 4
    Track and Measure.

Choose Your Service Packages

After trading for a few years we have learnt that the one size does not fit all. We try our best to tailor a package that meets your particular needs and stays within your budget.

Monthly Starting From – 12k/month

3 Months


Paid Ads Strategy
Market Research & Analysis
Profile Creation
Classifiled Submission
Audience Analysis
3 Months Free Support
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6 Months


Web Creation
Duplicate Content Check
Google Search Console
Search Engine Submission
Google My Business Setup and Verification
6 Months Free Support
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Search Engine Rank Report
Article Writing & Submission
PPT Submission
Social Book marking
12 Months Free Support
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